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National Safety of Road and Motorway Operatives Days

National Safety of Road and Motorway Operatives Days

20 October 2017 - Events - France

On 20 and 21 October 2017, members of ASFA (French motorway operators’ association), together with interdepartmental road authorities (DIRs), are working to make the general public more aware of the need to ensure the safety of road and motorway workers throughout France. VINCI Autoroutes and its Foundation for Responsible Driving are very much involved in this national event.

Numerous pedagogical workshops and road safety events will be staged across France over these two days together with the DIRs and other partners (gendarmerie, accident prevention associations, training centres, etc.). 

These awareness-raising efforts follow on from a number of actions undertaken in recent months, such as the campaign this summer calling for the contribution of messages to be shown on the display panels of the VINCI Autoroutes network. A major national awareness-raising campaign was also launched in the press (see below). 

Meanwhile, to express their support for colleagues deployed on the network, and for this national campaign, employees in all VINCI Autoroutes network bases and operational units have been participating in an “All in yellow!” initiative (see photos).

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