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Foundation stone laid for O’RIZON project in the Essonne department

8 June 2018 - Events - France

VINCI Immobilier and the joint venture of developers composed of Altarea Cogedim, DReAM (leader) and Eiffage Immobilier, in association with the Paris-Saclay public development authority (EPAPS), the town of Gif-sur-Yvette and the urban community of Paris-Saclay, have laid the foundation stone for the O’RIZON project, the first residential and services neighbourhood in the heart of the Paris-Saclay urban cluster in Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris region).

This mixed-use programme, occupying a surface area of over 73,000 sq. metres divided into six blocks, will comprise a total of 1,163 homes, including a student residence, 4,200 sq. metres of retail space, a crèche, a town hall annexe and a health centre. It forms part of the Greater Paris project and will provide a new space where the scientific community can meet.

Sicra Île-de-France (VINCI Construction France) is supplying the construction works of the works packages A2 on behalf of VINCI Immobilier (€25.8m pre-tax), A3 for DReAM (€12.5m pre-tax) and A4 for Cogedim (€19.3m pre-tax). 98% of the homes in the first phase have been sold; the second marketing phase was launched in June 2018.

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