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First VINCI Airports Spotters Day

19 November 2018 - Events - France

On 17 November, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) staged its first Spotters Day, for aviation enthusiasts, the so-called plane spotters who rush from airport to airport worldwide, actively sharing their passion on the social media.

These lovers of things air-borne now had an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes and access the runways at airports operated by VINCI Airports – a unique experience!

Staged in eight(1) of the 13 countries in the VINCI Airports network, the aim of this event was to build up a strong VINCI Airports Spotters community, influencers likely to draw attention to aviation and non-aviation careers.& & (1) Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, France, Japan, Portugal, the Dominican Republic and the UK.

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