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Enriching the customer experience in Lima

29 January 2019 - New contracts - Peru

In Peru, Pex, the electronic toll collection (ECT) subsidiary of VINCI Highways (VINCI Concessions), in collaboration with the country’s leading chain of shopping centres, Real Plaza, is offering its clients the possibility of using their electronic toll badge to make payments in the car parks of these centres.

This initiative smooths and enriches the customer’s path – Pex subscribers can leave such car parks without having to wait at the payment modules. By the end of 2019, Real Plaza expects 15% of transactions to be settled via this new interoperability, and hopes to have reached a rate of 50% in 5 years’ time.

The development of ECT is very much in line with the objective of creating smoother and safer traffic conditions on Lima’s expressways, for which VINCI Highways holds the concession.

Since acquiring Pex in late 2016, VINCI Highways has seen an increase of more than 100% in its ECT subscriber numbers in Peru.

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