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News update

Developing a new festival site

Developing a new festival site

19 January 2018 - Projects update and handover - Chile

January 2018 will see the Copiapó office of Bitumix (Eurovia) completing its development of a new site dedicated to the “Cruz de Mayo” (May cross) festival in the city of Vallenar (Atacama region, in the north of the country).

The name refers to the religious celebrations, of great symbolic significance for the region’s inhabitants, that are organised each year in May. Numerous dance groups, from the neighbourhood, from the provinces of Huasco, Copiapó and Caldera and from towns even further away such as Calama and Coquimbo, gather here for the occasion.

The works included excavation works, the construction of retaining walls, concreting works, the creation of green spaces, laying tiles and installing urban furniture – tiered seating, children’s play areas, fitness equipment, shelters, benches, waste bins, drinking water fountains and lamp posts – on a surface area of 9,537 sq. metres.

In summer 2017, Bitumix also renovated the concrete cross.

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