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News update

Creation of a wharf on the island of Ouvéa

Creation of a wharf on the island of Ouvéa

27 March 2017 - Projects update and handover - New Caledonia

Off the coast of New Caledonia, Jean Lefebvre Pacifique (VINCI Construction Dom-Tom) is currently implementing two projects on behalf of the Loyalty Islands Province, as part of the creation of the new wharf in Hwadrilla, in the centre of the island.

The first concerns the external works works package for the wharf and comprises the construction of an 8,500 sq. metre platform for the creation of all the outside areas of the passenger terminal, the water and electricity networks, public lighting, signage, street furniture and green spaces. The first phase was undertaken in late 2016, the second will start in the course of 2017.

The second contract concerned the deployment of the asphalt surfacing of the wharf and on the platform for the unloading of ships on the seaward side. These works were carried out in January 2017.

This new infrastructure will be able to receive ships, notably the shuttle boat linking Ouvéa with Nouméa (transporting both passengers and goods) but also the cruise ships that make a significant contribution to the economy of the commune.

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