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VINCI’S environmental transition plan

L’ambition environnementale

VINCI’S environmental transition plan

In this context of climate emergency, the environment is VINCI’s strategic priority. The Group tackles it with the aim of playing an active role in the ecological transition of built environment, infrastructure and mobility. In its role as holder of transport infrastructure concessions and its construction and installation activities, it offers public and private clients solutions, infrastructure and buildings that can help reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. The way the Group carries out its business as global integrator and concession holder prompts it to integrate the life cycle of infrastructure in its activities and foster a sustainable approach to projects.

Aware of the responsibilities these activities confer on it, but also of its capacity to make a positive contribution to this transition, VINCI has set itself a new environmental ambition looking to 2030, with a dual objective: significantly reduce the direct impact of its activities and help its clients and partners reduce their own environmental footprint.
To serve this ambition, VINCI mobilises its teams and innovation potential to accelerate the transformation of its businesses and creation of environmental value in the projects it implements for its clients and in the services it proposes to users and partners of its infrastructure. Its integrated approach as designer, builder and operator fosters reduction of environmental impacts at each stage of the life cycle of projects. Development of partnerships with stakeholders responds to the same objective. 

VINCI’s environmental ambition covers three main focus areas:


VINCI is active in sectors that contribute significantly to climate change: transport and construction are responsible for over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions each year. And these sectors are acutely exposed to the risks arising from climate change. This is why the Group is taking action to limit the future consequences of climate change, by setting an ambitious target to cut its gross emissions and working towards it throughout its value chain. 


Natural resources, including some that are essential to VINCI’s business activities, are becoming scarce. The Group intends to limit its impact by moving towards a circular economy. This includes improving our design and production processes, reducing extraction of virgin raw materials, implementing efficient techniques, adopting effective behaviour patterns, and reusing and recycling.


As the projects we build or manage have a direct or indirect influence on natural environments, protecting these environments plays a key role in our design, construction and operations processes. Throughout the project life cycle, the Group’s entities strive to have as little impact as possible on natural environments, and to develop solutions to conserve fresh water resources and restore ecological balance.

We believe that the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and will achieve VINCI’s environmental ambition, which is an integral part of our commitment to all-round performance, by:
• fostering an environmental culture among our employees;
• collaborating closely with our subcontractors and suppliers;
• developing environmental solutions for our customers.

Last updated: 11/06/2021