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VINCI signs two major contracts for high voltage transmission lines in Brazil: one PPP contract and one EPC contract

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3 October 2022 - 8:30 am - New contracts - Brazil

· A first conception, construction, and operation PPP contract of more than 1,000 km of HV transmission lines in Minas Gerais State
· For this first contract, an investment worth BRL R$ 3,484 million (€670 million), 30 years operation period
· A second contract to install almost 1,000 km of HV transmission lines in the same State

Cobra IS, a VINCI subsidiary, has signed a major PPP contract in Brazil after auctions organised by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). Located in the State of Minas Gerais near Sao Paulo, it consists in the financing, conception, construction and operation of six 500 kV transmission lines to be installed on 1,020 km, four stretches of transmission lines in a distance of 63 km, one new substation and eight substation extensions.
The contract is worth BRL R$ 3,484 million (€670 million). More than 5,000 employees will be involved in the construction works that should be completed by the end of 2027 and the operation & maintenance period will run for 30 years.

The second contract, Design & Build, represents an amount of BRL R$ 2,007million (€386 million). It consists in the installation of 980 km of transmission lines in Minas Gerais State in the area of Espírito Santo, three new substations and five substation extensions. These works should involve 4,900 employees and should be delivered by the end of 2027.

These projects will foster Cobra IS’ long-dated presence in this country, where the company has been in charge of the installation of around 32,000 km of electrical transmission lines there in the past 20 years.


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