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VINCI opens bypass around Regina, capital of the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada

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28 October 2019 - 5:45 pm - Events - Canada

· New infrastructure that improves road safety and promotes the region’s economic development
· Saskatchewan’s first public-private partnership for transport infrastructure
· A 30-year contract for an investment of around €1.3 billion (C$1.9 billion)

The bypass around Regina, capital of the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada, was officially opened today in the presence of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Xavier Huillard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VINCI, Pierre Anjolras, Chairman of Eurovia and Nicolas Notebaert, Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Concessions.

The Regina Bypass comprises 61 km of road, of which 37 km newly built and 24 km upgraded, 12 new interchanges and 33 new bridges and viaducts. It represents an investment of C$1.9 billion (around €1.3 billion).

The construction phase was launched in 2015 and completed in just four years.

The bypass illustrates VINCI’s capacity to deliver large-scale projects on budget and on time while proposing the highest standards of quality, safety and technical innovations adapted to the harsh climate of Western Canada. It is also a concrete demonstration of the VINCI Group’s concession-construction business model, combining the expertise of various subsidiaries: VINCI Concessions, Eurovia, VINCI Construction (Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI Construction Terrassement) and VINCI Energies.

The infrastructure will be operated and maintained for 30 years by VINCI Concessions and Eurovia subsidiary Carmacks. It will improve road safety, make traffic smoother and promote the economic development of the province by giving faster, more reliable access to three of Saskatchewan’s major roads: the Trans-Canada Highway and Highways 6 and 11.

The Regina Bypass is Saskatchewan’s first public-private partnership for transport infrastructure. It brings together the province’s Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure with concession company Regina Bypass Partners, which comprises VINCI Concessions (37.5%), US engineering firm Parsons Enterprises (25%), Canada’s Graham Construction (12.5%) and investment fund Connor Clark & Lunn (25%).

Xavier Huillard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VINCI, said: “The Regina Bypass is an excellent example of close, productive collaboration between public authorities and private players to deliver a major project for the benefit of all. VINCI is proud of the positive relations it has built with the Province of Saskatchewan and its Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. The opening of the bypass to traffic is a new step in our partnership. Together, we will continue to make transport safer and support the province’s economic growth.”


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