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VINCI Airports – 2019 Q1 traffic

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11 April 2019 - 5:45 pm - Finances

Solid traffic growth at the airports managed by VINCI Airports: +6.4%
· Strong growth in French airports (+9.6%), in particular at Lyon-Saint Exupéry (+9.7%), Nantes Atlantique (+14.1%), Rennes Bretagne (+18.6%) and Toulon Hyères (+21%)
· Solid upward trend in Portugal, boosted by tourism (+12.3% in Faro +9.5% in Porto)
· Very good performance achieved in recently acquired airport (in particular Belfast in the United Kingdom and Liberia in Costa Rica)

In the first quarter of 2019, traffic across platforms operated by VINCI Airports increased 6.4% (1) compared to the first quarter of 2018, with a total of 47.6 million passengers served in the network airports.

In France, traffic at the 12 airports under VINCI Airports management soared 9.6% in Q1 to 4.6 million passengers. At Lyon-Saint Exupéry, France’s second busiest regional airport, traffic rose 9.7%, outperforming average traffic growth in French airports. Among the highlights fueling growth were the opening of a new route to Tel Aviv by easyJet, Aeroflot’s doubling of frequencies on its Moscow route, and the strong performance of domestic traffic by both low-cost and legacy carriers. Nantes Atlantique (+14.1%), Rennes Bretagne (+18.6%) and Toulon Hyères (+21.0%) furthermore all recorded double-digit traffic growth in Q1.

In Portugal, traffic growth was particularly sharp in Faro (+12.3%) and Porto (+9.5%), reflecting the country’s continuous popularity amongst foreign tourists. At the Lisbon hub, traffic grew by 4.2%, despite the high base for comparison and the current capacity constraints. To be able to accommodate traffic evolution until the concession expires in 2063, VINCI Airports signed with the Portuguese government on 8 January 2019, an agreement to finance the expansion of Lisbon’s airport capacity, both by the extension of the existing Lisbon airport and the opening of a new civil airport in Montijo, 25 kilometres away from the city centre.

In Japan, Kansai International Airport, which recently received multiple awards at the Skytrax 2019 World Airport Awards(2) highlighting its operational excellence and service quality, achieved a solid performance, with a 5.7% growth of its passenger traffic to reach almost 8 million passengers during the first quarter, a gain of 0.5 million passengers compared to Q1 2018. Osaka-Itami Airport, with traffic up 2.5% in the first quarter, was ranked first among the world's most punctual large airports in 2018, according to the annual report published by OAG.

In Cambodia, high growth trends continue in Phnom Penh airport (+15.8%), driven in particular by the opening in January of a new route operated by Air China, linking the capital city to Beijing. Sihanoukville airport also saw its traffic more than double compared to the same period in 2018 (+132%).

In the Dominican Republic, the recovery in traffic is significant, with a 9.3% in the capital Santo Domingo, thanks to capacity increases implemented by American carriers.

Finally, most of the airports that joined the VINCI Airports network in 2018 performed very well. In the United Kingdom, Belfast Airport saw its traffic increase by 11.9%, thanks to the dynamic British domestic market. In Costa Rica, the number of passengers through Liberia's airport increased by 10.2%. In Serbia, traffic in Belgrade grew by 3.7%.


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In thousands of passengersQ1 2019Change
Q1 2019/2018
Cumul 12
Change 12
VINCI Airports47,586+6.4%198,116+5.8%
Portugal (ANA)11,014+6.2%55,970+5.8%
Japan (KansaiAirports)12,579+4.4%48,861+2.5%
Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel)6,940+9.7%23,914+7.6%
Cambodia(Cambodia Airports)3,223+8.3%10,802+14.9%
United States2,295+2.1%9,576+6.1%
United-Kingdom (Belfast)1,343+11.9%6,429+10.5%
Dominican Republic (Aerodom)1,461+5.5%5,095+0.3%
Costa Rica 449+10.2%1,167+6,5%


(1) Data at 100% estimated at 11 April 2019. 2019 and 2018 data include full-year airport traffic. This total does not take into account traffic at London-Gatwick airport, which is expected to join the VINCI Airports network in the coming months.

(2) Kansai International Airport was named winner in two categories: “Best Low-Cost Airline Terminal” and “Best Baggage Delivery”. It ranked 9th in the World's Cleanest Airports, 6th in the World's Best Airport Staff Service, 9th in the World's Best Airport for Passenger Security Screening ranking, 10th in the World's Best Airport Immigration and 10th in the World's Best Website and Digital Services.


About VINCI Airports
VINCI Airports, as the leading private airport operator in the world, manages the development and operation of 46 airports located in France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Serbia, Cambodia, Japan, the United States, Dominican Republic , Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil. Served by around 250 airlines, VINCI Airports' network handled 240 million passengers in 2018 (including traffic at London Gatwick which is expected to join the VINCI Airports network in the coming months). Through its expertise as a comprehensive integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and operates airports, leveraging its investment capability, international network and know-how to optimize the management and performance of existing airport infrastructure, facility extensions and new-build construction projects. In 2018, its annual revenue for managed activities amounted to €3.6 billion, for consolidated revenue of €1.6 billion. More comprehensive information is available on www.vinci-airports.com


VINCI is a global player in concessions, energy and construction businesses, employing more than 260,000 people in nearly 120 countries. We design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. Because we believe in all-round performance, we are committed to operating in an environmentally, socially responsible and ethical manner. And because our projects are in the public interest, we consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities. Based on that approach, VINCI’s ambition is to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society in general.

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