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Workforce-related performance

Profit sharing

VINCI’s economic performance must benefit, in a balanced way, its share- holders through the dividends paid out, its clients through the quality of the services provided and its employees through remuneration packages. Employee savings plans enable employees to share in the Group’s performance.

We commit to ensuring that every VINCI Employee is given an opportunity, wherever possible, to share in our economic success.

Helping every employee to become a shareholder

One of VINCI’s core commitments is to expand its employee shareholder base. In 1995, VINCI set up an employee savings plan, Castor, initially available to French employees only. From its inception, this plan (in its various versions) offered employer contributions designed to encourage savings by the lowest-paid employees and thus enable a very broad range of employees to share in the success of the Group. This policy and the employees’ trust in the Group’s success attracted large numbers of employees over the years. The savings plan was subsequently rolled out internationally, with adjustments to comply with the regulatory procedures of each country concerned.

A few results of our activities (at end 2015)

- VINCI paid €319.9 million for profit-sharing, incentive plans, employer contributions and welfare cover.
- Employer contributions of nearly €110.1 million were paid during the year.
- At the end of 2015, 117,000 employees, nearly 63% of the total workforce, were VINCI shareholders through the Group’s employee savings plans.
- At the end of 2015, the VINCI Employee Shareholders’ Circle, set up in 2011, had 13,070 members.
- At the end of 2015, nearly 90% of all Group employees had access to an employee savings plan in 27 countries.
- The Group’s employees collectively held close to 10% of its share capital.

VINCI will continue to extend its employee savings and welfare plans internationally, adapting them to the legal and tax regulations of the various countries where it operates.