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As our projects serve the common interest and because many of them often radically transform towns, cities and regions, we follow a sustainability policy that is both exacting and pragmatic. It rests on two complementary pillars:

1. Doing our utmost to reduce the environmental impact of our activities while durably optimising the socioeconomic benefits of our operations.

2. Contributing to inventing the most effective common interest solutions in an economy of scarcity in collaboration with all stakeholders in our activities.

Our goal is all-round performance

In assessing the performance of our companies, we look beyond their economic and financial results at the overall value they create.

We believe in humanistic principles

Trust, respect, solidarity, the primacy of people over systems and the simultaneous recognition of individual initiative and teamwork – the fundamental principle of the worksite – are central to our identity as a group of entrepreneurs.

Our management model ensures our cohesion

VINCI differs though a unique management style that drives its growth and underpins its cohesion. This model is based on decentralised organisations, business unit autonomy and manager empowerment.

Our Group is multi-local and multi-cultural

VINCI consists of more than 2,100 companies operating in some 100 countries. In all the countries where we operate, we recruit and train local managers, by respecting each country's culture. As partners in local development, our companies and activities directly and indirectly help create wealth and jobs.

Our business model focuses on the long term

The infrastructure and facilities we design, finance, build and manage are intended to last. As a private-sector company serving the public interest, we believe it is our duty to invest in building or upgrading facilities and infrastructure that contribute to the sustainable development of cities and regions.

We are proficient at working in partnerships

Our projects involve a wide variety of stakeholders within our industry, our customers’ sectors and society at large, so a sense of partnership is part of our culture. This encourages us to focus more squarely on our ability to integrate solutions by boosting operational synergies between our companies and with our partners in order to maintain our leadership by increasing our projects’ added value and social and economic benefits.