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With growing urbanisation and the population explosion, what might the city of the future look like? How can buildings, neighbourhoods, cities and mobility infrastructure be organised?

Given climate extremes, the increasing scarcity of natural resources, reduced biodiversity and rising energy costs, how can the exponential growth of energy demand in the emerging economies be addressed? And how can the developed countries be helped to negotiate the energy transition?

Faced with the economic crisis and limited financial resources, how can balanced forms of partnership between public and private stakeholders be found? How can green growth solutions be implemented at an acceptable cost for all parties concerned? How can the solidarity of VINCI employees and companies be intermeshed with the communities of the regions where they operate? What’s the best way to combat discrimination and ensure equal opportunities? And to share the results of growth more equitably among employees? Or to ensure the safety of everyone – employees, temporary staff, subcontractors and the users of our structures?

VINCI puts a great deal of thought into all these challenges and provides answers, in particular through the commitments in the Manifesto (fichier PDF 487 Ko) it published in 2006 and reaffirmed in 2012.

Watch the video to explore the Group’s key figures and the challenges of a changing world: