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Creating collective value

Because our projects serve the public interest and because they often bring about radical changes in cities and regions, we pursue a sustainable development policy that is both exacting and pragmatic. Above and beyond the technical and economic quality of our projects, our goal is to enhance their social, societal and environmental added value by providing solutions that simultaneously meet the short-term needs of clients and users and address the long-term issues facing society as a whole.

Measuring overall operating entity performance

The Group’s sustainable development policy is built on its Together Manifesto, its Code of Ethics and Conduct and its commitment to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Implementation is facilitated by “Advance”, a combination self-assessment and continual improvement programme that is geared to the commitments of the VINCI Manifesto. Advance, designed for and with the Group’s companies, enables each of them to stand out in terms of operational standards and competitiveness, helping to achieve the Group’s strategic goals and boosting its overall performance. Each operating entity can use the collective, proactive programme to leverage its activities in the fields of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and stakeholder relations and to identify its strategic priorities, which are then set out in action plans.

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Workforce-related performance

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Environmental performance

Climate strategy
Environmental management
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Social performance

Sustainable relations with stakeholders
Dialogue and internal synergies
Regional development
Business ethics
Human rights
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