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The health and safety policy applies to all people at VINCI worksites and infrastructure operations (employees, temporary personnel, subcontractors’ employees and end-customers of managed infrastructure). Safety is an absolute priority and is the responsibility of VINCI’s managers.

We reject the idea that workplace accidents are unavoidable and we commit to the Zero Accidents objective.

An in-house network of health and safety coordinators

VINCI’s health and safety policy is applied under the direct responsibility of managers who are also tasked with implementing a safety culture shared by all employees. At the operational level, it is overseen by a network of about 100 occupational health and safety specialists, who are responsible for numerous programmes, such as 15-minute safety sessions involving all worksite personnel, systematic analysis of near misses, training tailored to worksites employing people of different nationalities and programmes designed to combat substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) and raise awareness of road risk. At Group level, health and safety management is run by the VINCI workplace health and safety coordination team. Members of the global coordination team are leaders of the workplace health & safety networks at the Group’s various business lines. The aim is to foster the sharing of best practices, improve the reliability of H&S indicators and examine new ways to progress.

A few results of our activities (at end 2018)

- At Group level, the frequency rate of workplace accidents with lost time has been reduced from 8.60 to 6.10 over the last five years.
- The severity rate of workplace accidents has been driven down from 0.57 in 2012 to 0.42 in 2018.
- In 2018, 72% of VINCI companies recorded zero workplace accidents with lost time.
- Over one million hours of health and safety training were provided throughout the year.

Progress targets

The single policy objective remains Zero Accidents. In addition to the action carried out within their entities, operational managers and health and safety managers make use of the VINCI intranet, which compiles 1,900 initiatives implemented within the Group since 2009.

VINCI must continue to assist subcontractors’ and temporary employment agencies’ efforts to improve their safety results, under the first commitment of the Subcontractor Relations Code of Practice.

In addition to safety, VINCI will extend its commitment to workplace health, working with the scientific community; the experience of the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving in this field will prove useful for stepping up this approach.

Last updated: 11/06/2019