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Equality and diversity

VINCI applies a proactive equality and diversity policy based on audits performed in around 100 Group companies. The policy aims to combat all forms of discrimination in recruitment and work relations, notably against women, disabled and senior employees or because of a person’s origin. VINCI has included diversity in the Group’s operational manager training programme.

We commit to diversifying our supervisory staff to include more women and people of diverse origins.

An in-house diversity network

The VINCI Diversity Department coordinates a network of more than 200 diversity champions who meet twice a year and work with the Group’s business lines and companies to carry out awareness raising and training programmes.VINCI also addresses this issue by taking part in the work of bodies such as the French Association of Diversity Managers.

Promoting gender equality

VINCI is aiming for 25% women managers by 2020. Among the measures it is taking to achieve this goal, the Group has partnered with Elles bougent, a non-profit focused on encouraging more female students to consider careers in engineering or other technical fields, and is relying on its in-house network of women ambassadors who are reaching out to female students in higher education.

Fostering the employment of people with disabilities

VINCI takes steps to promote employment and work integration of people living with disabilities, focused on three areas: redeployment of employees unable to continue in their current jobs, hiring of people with disabilities and use of companies that employ a majority of disabled workers. The Trajeo’h Association was set up by VINCI to help the Group’s French companies retain incapacitated employees and recruit disabled workers.

A few results from our initiatives (at end 2017)

- Women managers account for 19% of all managers at VINCI. The 25% target for 2020 has already been exceeded by VINCI Airports, VINCI Autoroutes, VINCI Concessions and VINCI Immobilier.
- The Group employs 3,901 people with disabilities. A total of €5.9 million worth of business was contracted with companies employing a majority of workers with disabilities.
- Employees over the age of 50 account for 25% of the Group’s workforce and those under the age of 25 account for 9%: the age structure has therefore been stable for several years.
- Managers and non-managers underwent diversity training: in all, 15,250 hours were delivered in 2017.

Progress targets

In a context of sustained international expansion, the Group’s companies, in all countries where they operate, will step up their efforts to promote local managers and encourage their promotion to positions of responsibility within the Group.