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Environmental performance

Environmental management

VINCI’s businesses and activities are closely related to the challenges of green growth. Our companies strive to limit the environmental impact of their activities. They develop solutions that help reduce the amount of materials used for construction works and the energy consumed by the completed structures, and to protect biodiversity.

We commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020, to supporting our customers in their quest for better energy efficiency and to encouraging their adoption of an environmentally responsible approach.

Environmental organisation

The implementation of VINCI’s environmental policy, “Together! Promote green growth” is built on the Group Executive Committee’s commitment, the empowerment of all operational staff within Group companies, and extremely open dialogue with national, European and international public authorities and environmental protection organisations. The sustainable development self-assessment questionnaire, Advance, is used by all Group companies. It enables each subsidiary’s management committee to check progress and validate its environmental action plan.

Environmental reporting: coverage and scope

VINCI’s environmental reporting system deals with the themes listed in Article 225 of France’s Grenelle II Environment Law. It uses the Group’s common financial and social reporting software and is based on guidelines that are modelled on those of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and adapted to the Group’s activities. It covers nearly all of the Group’s companies and uses around 60 quantitative indicators for measuring performance against key environmental parameters. Environmental reports are prepared using updated methodological guidebooks and procedures that are available on the Group’s intranet. In addition to this central reporting system, each business line uses its own management indicators.

Environmental training

All VINCI companies make efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues, and environmental training is increasingly incorporated into existing courses (works, studies, operations, etc.). Awareness is proactively promoted at worksites among employees, temporary staff and subcontractors with weekly “15-minute environment sessions”. Design teams are also trained in eco-design.

Preventing environmental incidents

Each Group entity prepares and updates environmental incident prevention plans that address its specific environmental risks. The most significant projects undergo a preliminary analysis of environmental risks, which serves to determine the equipment and procedures required to prevent or mitigate any such risks. Specific documents and equipment are provided to help prepare for and respond to emergency situations.

Environmental certification

VINCI encourages its companies to obtain ISO 14001 or similar environmental certification to confirm and improve the effectiveness of their environmental management system. VINCI’s companies have solid grounding in projects with certification (HQE, BREEAM®, LEED®, etc.).

A few results of our activities (at end 2015)

- Environmental reporting covered 98% of revenue in 2015.
- Environmental training hours totalled 41,394.
- The volume of projects with HQE, BREEAM®, LEED® certification amounts to €4.6 billion.

The commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (scopes 1 and 2, base 2009) by 2020 requires Group companies to implement action plans together with their public and private clients, suppliers and subcontractors and infrastructure end-users.