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As a private-sector company working for the public interest, wherever it operates, VINCI is committed to being a long-term partner of the communities and regions for which it builds and manages facilities. The Group’s approach also encourages and helps its employees and companies to use their skills to benefit civil society.

We commit to supporting the civic engagement of our employees, especially through the Group’s foundations around the world.

The Foundation to combat exclusion

VINCI’s civic engagement is primarily focused on combatting social exclusion. The Group takes action mainly through the network of corporate foundations. This action combines financial support, provided by the foundations, and sponsorship, provided by VINCI employees, of non-profits’ projects aimed at facilitating access to employment, housing and mobility and helping to build social bonds. In France, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité conducts a programme, Cité Solidaire, that works with local Group companies to support very small community associations in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

ISSA programme(Sogea-Satom Initiatives for Africa)

In Africa, the Issa programme sponsors solidarity actions initiated and managed by Sogea-Satom agencies and teams. Funding and skill sponsorship support is provided for these economic and social initiatives. For example, in 2015, Issa support was used to construct a hangar and purchase equipment for the production and sale of agricultural products in Kémérimbé, Chad; support the purchase of three-wheeled motorcycles and equipment for the pre-collection of household waste in Yaoundé, Cameroon; and support the purchase of imaging equipment for a healthcare centre in Niafunké, Mali.

VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving

The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving is designed to help improve driving behaviour and help motorists become proactively involved in ensuring their own safety. In 2015, the Foundation continued to support research and raise public awareness of road risk.

Artisans d’Angkor

In Cambodia, the Artisans d’Angkor social enterprise managed by VINCI Airports in partnership with the Cambodian government was set up to perpetuate and foster the development of Khmer crafts. It offers prospects for employment to the underprivileged populations of the Siem Reap region, by creating jobs for 1,200 people including 800 crafts people who receive contractual income and comprehensive social coverage. Spread across 48 rural workshops, the crafts people work in, stone and wood carving, lacquer, marble and precious metals.

A few results of our activities (at end 2017)

- VINCI’s network of funds and foundations created to fight social exclusion now includes 12 structures.
- In 2017, VINCI allocated a total of €13.5 million to fund projects supporting social integration, research, the environment and culture. This amount includes skills-based sponsorship by Group employees.
- Since 2002, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has supported 2,500 projects through 3,300 sponsorships and €38 million in funding grants.
- In 2017, Issa assisted eight countries through its support of 30 new economic and social initiatives.
- Since its launch in 2010, the Cité Solidaire programme has supported 175 initiatives to strengthen social ties in 27 city neighbourhoods.
- A growing number of employees are volunteering as sponsors in Group foundation initiatives to promote the social, professional and economic integration of vulnerable people: 462 in 2017, 367 in 2016 and 277 in 2012.

Progress targets

The Group aims to continue to develop skills sponsorship, by expanding the activity internationally and fostering its employees’ civic engagement.