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VINCI makes sure that all its employees, especially those in a position to commit the Group to relations with third parties, share and apply the rules guaranteeing compliance with ethics at all times.

We commit to ensuring total transparency in our own practices and in those of our subcontractors.

Prevention of corruption and fraud

VINCI’s Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the rules of conduct that apply to all Group companies and employees. The Group actively monitors this procedure, and an intranet tool enables General Management and the Internal Audit team to check that it is being deployed correctly. Reports are submitted to the Executive Committee on a regular basis, allowing remedial action to be taken quickly if required. Regular training sessions are organised to clarify and delve further into potential ethical issues as they relate to the Group’s principles and values. The VINCI Ethics Officer reports to General Management. He operates under considerable autonomy to ensure that the Code’s rules are clearly understood and to answer questions about application. The Ethics and Compliance Club, which brings together the Group’s legal affairs directors and the Ethics Officer, oversees this subject and encourages the exchange of best practices and particularly training tools. VINCI companies that operate in sectors applying specific ethics procedures have appointed specialised compliance officers.

A few results of our activities (at end 2018)

- At the end of 2018, the Code of Ethics and Conduct was made available to over 99% of VINCI employees in the official language of their country.

Progress targets

In a context of economic tension and keen competition, especially in Europe where labour costs vary widely, VINCI must continuously make sure that its entities comply with the rules it has laid down. At the same time, it must encourage its clients, partners and suppliers to maintain and strengthen their own standards in order to prevent the risk of undeclared employment, in particular.

VINCI aims to have a 100% adherence rate for employees, especially newly hired employees.

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