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Eurovia wins a contract to refurbish a railway line section east of Prague in Czech Republic

5 June 2019 - 5:45 pm - New contracts - Czech Republic

· A worksite of full refurbishment on 6 km
· A contract with a total value of €60 million

The Czech railway infrastructure administration has selected Eurovia as part of a joint venture with Elektrizace železnic Praha to refurbish the 6 km railway section between Lysá nad Labem and Èelákovice northeast of Prague, which serves 15,000 passengers per day. The works, which have a total value of €60 million, are set for completion in June 2022. Eurovia has an 85.6% share.

The project notably includes reconstruction of the bridge over the Elbe, renovation of the track, embankments, sanitation, platforms at the Èelákovice - Jiøina stops, and installation of noise barriers and communication and safety equipment.

The line runs through the Písèiny u Bystøièek and Káraný - Hrabáèkovy tùnì biodiversity-protected nature areas, which have springs that supply Prague with drinking water. The work will therefore be carried out from the railway line with no access through these areas.

Eurovia, which has substantial operations in Central Europe, generated revenue of more than €500 million in the Czech Republic in 2018. Within the country, Eurovia notably won the contract, in June of last year, to build a 14.7 km section of the east-west D35 motorway between Časy and Ostrov.


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About Eurovia
Eurovia is a VINCI Group subsidiary and global leader in transport infrastructure and urban development. It builds and maintains transport infrastructure – roads, motorways, railways, airports and tramways – and develops industrial, commercial and urban facilities. It also delivers all the related services, including demolition, deconstruction, drainage, earthworks, utility networks, signage, bridges, tunnels and noise barriers. Eurovia’s network of industrial plants producing aggregates and other supplies for road and rail construction spans the entire supply chain. The company is operating in 16 countries, employs 43,500 people and generated €8.9 billion in revenue in 2018.


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