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VINCI accelerates growth in Poland

29 September 2006 - Acquisitions - Poland

Warbud, a VINCI Construction subsidiary in Poland, has recently won six new contracts totalling €120 million.

- Warbud signed the contract with Poland’s social insurance authority (ZUS) to build its head office in Warsaw. The €30 million contract covers the construction of two four-storey buildings (total surface area of 26,000 square metres), connected by an underground passage, within 24 months.

- The company signed the contract to renovate and modernise the MSWiA military hospital in Warsaw. The contract, worth €13 million, includes the renovation of the main hospital wing, an 11-storey building with a total surface area of 16,000 square metres, as well as the construction of a car park and helipad. The project will be delivered early 2008.

- Gdynia, a municipality in the north of Poland, awarded Warbud a contract for the repair and construction of the Kwiatkowskiego viaducts. The €46 million contract covers the construction of two 350 metre viaducts, a 144 metre curved viaduct and the repair of a 345 metre viaduct. It also includes building 2.7 km of dual two-lane carriageway with over- and underpasses. The work is scheduled to take 20 months.

- Warbud’s special works division, in a consortium with POL-AQUA, a Polish hydraulic engineering firm, won the contract to build a rainwater storage reservoir and drainage system at Warsaw airport. The contract is worth €5 million, and is scheduled for completion in six months.

- Warbud also won two housing construction contracts:
- A residential complex in Warsaw - housing and car parking facility - with a total surface area of over 20,000 square metres. The €15 million contract is to be completed in 16 months;
- The seventh phase of a major property development project in Krakow, having been prime contractor on the earlier phases. The contract, worth €14 million, includes the construction of four apartment buildings with a total surface area of 37,000 square metres. This contract will be completed in autumn 2007.

Warbud has been operating in Poland for about 12 years and is one of the country’s five biggest construction companies. With over 200 projects to its credit, five regional offices and a concrete production subsidiary, Warbud builds all types of structure. The company has 890 employees and generated 2005 revenue of €243 million.


VINCI is a global player in concessions, energy and construction businesses, employing more than 260,000 people in nearly 120 countries. We design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. Because we believe in all-round performance, we are committed to operating in an environmentally, socially responsible and ethical manner. And because our projects are in the public interest, we consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities. Based on that approach, VINCI’s ambition is to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society in general.

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