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Your VINCI Shareholders’ Club membership card.

Access to events relating to our major sponsorship programmes.

Access to information
We give you in-depth analyses of our results, business model and business activities in the publications written specifically for you


New - “VINCI through time”

A unique experience! Immerse yourself in your city and explore VINCI’s successful projects and business lines.

In September 2015, the Shareholders’ Club invites you to discover a new kind of interactive, collaborative and amusing visit.
Through surprise encounters and puzzles to solve as a team, “VINCI through time” gives you the opportunity to actively explore your Group’s business lines from their beginnings to the current day and to see your city through new eyes. During this city walk, you will discover some of VINCI’s iconic projects, with preferential access to some unusual places. The visits will be commentated by well-known urban planners.




“In private with VINCI”

The Shareholders’ Club launched an annual competition, “In private with VINCI” in 2013. Winners are invited to lunch with members of VINCI’s top management team at our head office in Rueil Malmaison. This is an opportunity for discussing the Group’s strategic priorities, outlook, results and dividend policy.

October 2014: Focus on VINCI Airports


“Discover your city” cruises

Launched in 2011, the discovery visit concept gives you the opportunity to gain a new perspective of the cities of Paris, Lyon and Marseille.
“Discover your city” cruises are restricted to Club members only. Hosted by architects, urban planners and historians, they cast a new light on the selected cities, their history, development and the role played by VINCI companies over many years.

“Paris urban planning seen from the Seine”
Pont Alexandre III, the Petit Palais, the Grand Louvre and the Bercy Ministry of Finance are among the jewels that contribute to the reputation of Paris urban planning. You will look at these and other buildings with a new eye.

“Fourvière and the Confluence at the heart of Lyon’s heritage”
Lyon’s urban planning combines the ancient, Vieux Lyon, with the modern, the new Confluence district. Cruise along the Saône and Rhône rivers and discover the projects completed by the VINCI Group.

“The metamorphosis of Marseille”
Following on from construction of the MuCEM, the CMA-CGM Tower and the tramway extension, VINCI’s subsidiaries are now working in the port (the Terrasses du Port shopping centre and J4 car park). This cruise will enable you to discover or rediscover Marseille from the sea.


Your regional meetings

Yves-Thibault de Silguy, vice-chairman and senior director of the Board, hosts four shareholder meetings around France every year. The meetings reflect our aim to reach out to all stakeholders and establish closer relations with you.


Visits to iconic current and completed projects

Discover the VINCI Group’s iconic current and completed projects, commentated by VINCI specialists or external experts. Live the VINCI experience by going behind the scenes of our sites and major projects to share the pride of Group employees.


Refurbishment of La Samaritaine buildings
The two iconic buildings located on the banks of the Seine are to be refurbished by Petit (VINCI Construction France). The programme, with a total surface area of 70,000 sq. metres, includes shops, a luxury hotel, offices, social housing and a crèche. It will be completed in three years and employ 1,400 skilled and unskilled workers, engineers and architects at its peak activity.

At the heart of the Chailloué quarry
Eurovia is a European market leader in the production of natural aggregates and recycled materials. The impressive Chailloué quarry, with 50 employees and the extraction of 2 million tonnes a year, opens its doors to let you discover all its activities and its approach to environmental protection.

At the heart of the Chailloué quarry - shareholder visit : 5 October 2016


Louis Vuitton Foundation: private visit of a bold structure
The Louis Vuitton Foundation opens its doors to give you a private visit of this spectacular building with its unique architecture, as well as the foundation’s collections. From the complexity of the design right through to the end of the construction work, the teams from VINCI Construction France met every challenge successfully.

Shareholder visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris - 26 March 2015

A first visit to Radio VINCI Autoroutes
Radio VINCI Autoroutes, on 107.7, accompanies listeners and gives them real-time information 24/7 about traffic conditions all over its network. For the first time, Radio VINCI Autoroutes lets you go behind the scenes of its traffic information service at one of the station’s three studios.

See what goes on at Eurovia’s research centre
Eurovia’s research centre in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014. Every year, its 35 research engineers carry out 5,000 tests and have filed 160 patents to date. Come and see what goes on in this laboratory which, through its work, helps protect the environment and road user safety, and extend the life of road assets.

Iter project: the biggest experimental fusion reactor ever built
Come and discover the Cadarache site of the Iter experimental nuclear fusion reactor. A unique example of international cooperation in the field of energy, this project is being carried out by a joint venture of VINCI Construction subsidiaries. Its aim is to bring into service a magnetic confinement machine capable of containing the energy generated by nuclear fusion.

Nanterre Arena site in La Défense, France’s answer to Manhattan
The Nanterre Arena is modular and multi-purpose. As a concert venue with outstanding acoustics, it will seat 40,000 people; for rugby matches, it will have the latest-generation synthetic pitch and seat 32,000 people. The project is being completed to HQE® standards by teams from VINCI Construction France, with delivery scheduled for 2016.


Behind the scenes of the MuCEM museum in Marseille
Visit the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti and built by VINCI companies. It is the first building of this size to be built partially in ultra-high performance fibre concrete.

Shareholder visit to the MuCEM in Marseille - 22 May 2014

The SEA high-speed rail line site
Find out more about France’s biggest rail project and Europe’s largest public-private partnership in the rail sector. Built under a concession arrangement, the 302 km high-speed line between Tours and Bordeaux will, when it is opened in 2017, cut the journey time between Bordeaux and Paris to just 2 hours 5 minutes.

Shareholder visit to the SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed rail line worksite – 12 June 2014

Road safety: visit to Strasbourg University’s Ci2N research centre
See the driving simulator in operation. As part of its research programme into drowsiness at the wheel, the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving commissioned a study by Ci2N into the impacts of using cruise control and speed limiters on driver behaviour and drowsiness.

VINCI shareholders test the driving simulator at the Ci2N research laboratory in Strasbourg - 18 March 2014

Allianz Riviera
Completed under a design-build contract by Group subsidiaries to host UEFA Euro 2016 matches, the Allianz Riviera will be operated by Nico Eco Stadium (VINCI Concessions) until 2041. It is the first landmark structure of the Var Eco Valley and includes an exceptional wooden roof structure that integrates a photovoltaic power plant.

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