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a force
for good.
The Stade de France, a mythical stadium known all over the world, a project designed, financed, built and operated by VINCI and its partners.
good for
The Stade de France, an exemplary 80,000-seat stadium.
good for
For him and for his family, great emotions.
35 million
spectators, supporters and sportspeople have enjoyed thrills at the Stade de France in 20 years.
sports and musical events hosted by the Stade, from the FIFA World Cup in 1998 and UEFA Euro 2016 to the Muse concert in 2019.
25,000 jobs
for the Plaine-Saint-Denis district with the arrival of the stadium and the emergence of a new combined residential and business district, including 400 head offices.
The Stade de France, committed to environmental and social responsibility.
Fostering careers guidance and integration through work: signature of the Local Authority-Business Charter with Plaine Commune and support for local associations.
Bringing the district to life and establishing sustainable relations: events organised in partnership with the Saint Denis town hall, residents associations and local business groups.
Proposing activities for sick children and raising awareness of disabilities: over 1,500 sick children welcomed annually for the “Journée Évasion”, in partnership with the Premiers de Cordée non-profit organisation.
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