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a force
for good.
By 2022, very high-speed broadband in 900,000 homes in France, a project rolled out by VINCI.
good for
Optical fibre, opening a new horizon for 37 French administrative departments.
good for
For her and for millions of other French people: work and entertainment in absolute freedom.
1 million people and more
will benefit from very high-speed broadband, i.e. internet on all devices in the home, without service slowdown or outage.
500 employees
hired to join our teams and successfully complete the project.
100,000 hours
of work carried out by previously unemployed people under integration-through-work contracts.
Experts integrated at every stage of the project.
A strong regional foothold by the Group’s specialist entities, giving them good knowledge of the areas to be covered.
Design-build of the network based on new or existing infrastructure before rolling out the optical fibre.
Connection of customers, whether residential or business.
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