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Water treatment plant at an altitude of 2,410 m

Water treatment plant at an altitude of 2,410 m

28 October 2017 - Projects update and handover - France

As part of the total renovation of the Temple-Écrins refuge hut, located, at an altitude of 2,410 m, in the commune of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans (south-eastern France), Perino Bordone (Eurovia) is undertaking works in connection with the hut’s drinking-water supply and wastewater treatment on behalf of the French federation of alpine and climbing clubs.

Having brought in a walking excavator by helicopter during the summer (in 12 packages), during the week, for the period of the works, the Perino Bordone team is being accommodated in the hut. The works started with the creation of an autonomous water treatment plant, composed of a cesspit (15,000 litres) for wastewater of all types and three coconut fibre filters (10,000 litres each) for filtering the wastewater. Perino Bordone is currently renovating the water catchment, installing a water reservoir (3,000 litres) and replacing 350 lm of the water pipe.

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