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VINCI Autoroutes expands its partnership with Waze to improve employee safety

11 April 2018 - Events - France

In 2017, 88 maintenance vehicles were hit on the VINCI Autoroutes network, a statistic that rises to 185 when taken across the entire motorway network in France. In 2018, VINCI Autoroutes is further developing its actions to improve the safety of its men and women in yellow vests, with the aim of encouraging active prevention, in particular by informing drivers in real time about the presence of patrol personnel.

VINCI Autoroutes is expanding its partnership with Waze, first established in April 2015, with the deployment of a new feature that allows users to signal the presence of VINCI Autoroutes’ maintenance vehicles directly in the app. Drivers travelling on the network can now better anticipate the hazard, slow down and change lanes coming up to the maintenance area.

Furthermore, VINCI Autoroutes is currently experimenting with several innovations directly installed on the maintenance vehicles that travel throughout the network:

- A vehicle trajectory detection system: a special camera detects the trajectory of vehicles and sends a signal to the maintenance workers whenever a vehicle deviates from its trajectory and threatens to hit them.
- A traffic video surveillance system: a 360° on-board camera shows images of the traffic near patrol personnel in real time, in particular when the personnel find themselves in potentially dangerous situations.
- An illuminated mobile emergency arrow: a system to more effectively signal the presence of a maintenance vehicle on the hard shoulder.

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