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The Grand Louvre project celebrates its 30th anniversary

14 June 2019 - Events - France

Thirty years ago, the teams at VINCI Construction Grands Projets completed the Grand Louvre project, which was designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei and formed an integral part of the French government’s programme for the construction of major architectural projects to mark the end of the 20th century.

The project involved creating a space underneath the pyramid, requiring 500 tonnes of load-bearing metal beams, and the underground entrance to the Louvre museum. The museum, previously linear, became a U-shape, with the Cour Napoleon courtyard as a focal point. This made visitor flows smoother, while preserving the existing buildings.

Another of the project’s aims was to better integrate the Louvre into its urban surroundings. To do so, 1,200 people worked in shifts 24 hours a day to deliver the project on deadline, in just two years.

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