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Survey: the mobility divide in the French regions

23 May 2019 - Projects update and handover - France

In a survey for VINCI Autoroutes of disparities in mobility in the French regions, based on a sample of 4,000 French people, Ipsos analysed their habits, difficulties and expectations as regards their day-to-day travel arrangements.

The results reveal a France of great contrasts, of considerable regional, social and economic disparities, and notably show that 75% of the working population use their car to get to work. At an event moderated by Cécile Maisonneuve, president of the City Factory, Brice Teinturier, chief operating officer of Ipsos, and Jacques Lévy, professor of geography and town planning at the University of Reims and the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, gave an audience of elected and institutional representatives a preview of the survey results. They were then made available to all the national and local decision-makers involved.

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