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News update

Successful lifting operation in Yamal

Successful lifting operation in Yamal

1 July 2017 - Projects update and handover - Russian Federation

In late June 2017, teams from Entrepose Contracting (VINCI Construction) lifted and installed the main stairway of storage tank Number 3 in Yamal.

The operation was successfully concluded just seven months after identical works were carried out at storage tank Number 1. This steel element (height: 45 m; width: 9 m; weight: 120 t) was prefabricated at the Kaliningrad plant and then brought on site by boat.

The lifting operation was undertaken using a 1,600 t crane, one of the most powerful deployed in Russia. In early July the teams finished the welds so as to be able to release the crane and proceed to installing the prefabricated main platform on the roof of the tank.

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