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Soil improvement for Mexico’s new international airport

Soil improvement for Mexico’s new international airport

1 April 2017 - Projects update and handover - Mexico

Having won a contract in late 2016, teams from Menard Mexico (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction) are currently working on the project for a new international airport for Mexico City, to be built to the north of the city.

The clay soil at the 4,430 hectare construction site – formerly a lake – has a water content of over 250%.

Menard Mexico had participated in 2014 in the creation of a number of trial sites aimed at identifying the most appropriate soil improvement method. The precharge technique was selected, associated with the installation of prefabricated vertical drains for the runways and taxiways.

This new contract therefore covers supplying and installing the prefabricated vertical drains of the airport’s future Runway 2. In order to install the planned 33 million metres of drains, Menard Mexico has deployed a dozen items of specialised equipment for the drilling of the vertical drains, some of them as much as 27 m in depth.

The works must be handed over in summer 2017, to allow the installation of the precharge and the consolidation of the clay soils.

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