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S3 expressway in Poland

15 November 2018 - Events - Poland

The S3 expressway between Legnica and Bolków was inaugurated on 15 October in the presence, notably, of Andrzej Adamczyk, Polish Minister for Infrastructure, Paweł Hreniak, voivode of Lower Silesia, and Nicolas Dépret, director of Eurovia’s business activities in Poland.

Eurovia (leader of a joint venture) has created a 19.7 km-long, 2x2-lane section including two rest areas, 12 engineering structures (viaducts and bridges) and 12 wildlife crossings.

Located in the south of the country, this new section will make it possible to avoid the built-up areas of Jawor and Bolków as well as traffic on national highways No. 3 and No. 5. The S3 expressway forms part of international road E65 – part of the trans-European transport corridor – and serves the whole of western Poland, including a number of cities.

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