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Rotating the frame of a bridge in the Czech Republic

4 February 2019 - Projects update and handover - Czech Republic

On 3 and 4 February 2019, SMP CZ (VINCI Construction International Network), in collaboration with MCE Slaný, rotated the second steel frame of the railway bridge on the Pňovany-Bezdružice line, in the Czech Republic.

More than a hundred years old, this structure, located 38 metres above a dam, had to be renovated over a distance of 208 m. To achieve this, the teams developed an entirely new technique: the new, 181 tonne arch is assembled on the bank, moved into position above the old structure, and then rotated 180° into its final position; the old structure is then dismantled. The works, under way since mid-2018, should be completed in July 2019, following the replacement of the third and final span.

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