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Redeveloping a shopping street in Montreal

7 May 2019 - Projects update and handover - Canada

Eurovia Québec teams will be engaged until July 2019 in roadworks and redevelopment works in Rue Saint-Hubert, one of Montreal’s main shopping streets.

After a first phase, completed in December 2018, which saw the reconstruction of the utility networks, the structure of the roadway and the kerbs and the start of the electrical works, this second phase involves the continuation of the electrical works and the paving works.

Eurovia Québec has also secured the two works packages for the rebuilding of the glass canopy that protects pedestrians from adverse weather conditions; the works, here, will be carried out in two stages, in summer 2019, and then in summer 2020. Located in an extremely busy area, they will pose a real challenge for the teams.

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