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News update

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Reconstruction of the Turcot interchange

20 November 2019 - Projects update and handover - Canada

The Ministry of Transport in Quebec had awarded the rebuilding of the largest interchange in the province of Quebec to the KPH Turcot Construction consortium in 2015.

The existing structures, mainly high bridges, were to be dismantled and replaced. Reinforced Earth Company Canada (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction) has designed and supplied some 70,000 m2 of permanent retaining walls in Reinforced Earth® for the new structures, combining metal soil reinforcement elements and rectangular prefabricated TerraPlus® concrete panels. Some 25,000 m2 of temporary structures in reinforced backfill have also been designed in order to facilitate the phasing of the works and enable traffic to be maintained throughout the project. Used by 300,000 vehicles a day, this interchange links up Highways 15, 20 and 720, the main roads serving the city of Montreal.
The new interchange will be delivered in 2020.

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