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Preparatory works for a future station at Orly Airport

11 February 2019 - New contracts - France

Preparatory work for the future Orly West train station are in full swing. Cardem (Eurovia), leader of a joint venture also including Eurovia’s Massy office and Demathieu-Bard, is in charge of the demolition of two viaducts.

The first steps (installation of a steel framework beneath each viaduct, core sampling of the deck slabs) made the site safe for sawing operations.

The resulting 19 deck slabs, each weighing between 16 and 40 t, are then lifted by a crane, one by one, and transported a distance of 3 km to another site. In order not to disrupt airport operations, the lifting and transportation manoeuvres take place at night, after the last planes have landed, and end before 5.30 am when air traffic resumes.

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