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Positive outcome for LIVA, a year after it was created

31 October 2019 - Sustainable development - France

LIVA, a social integration undertaking set up in 2018 by the social integration group Ares and VINCI Construction France, with support from Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, has had a positive first year.

Having enabled 30 people to find steady employment on an integration-through-work basis and access socio-professional support, the organisation (which provides logistics services for building projects) facilitates social integration.
It also offers some of its employees the opportunity to apply for a transfer within VINCI.
LIVA also meets a need in the industry; it has developed a comprehensive logistics service by taking advantage of the complementarity between the expertise brought by VINCI Construction France and Ares. As a result, six operations have been successfully implemented, most of them within VINCI Construction France (on projects such as archipel, Roland Garros, Duo towers, Saint-Gobain tower and AgroParisTech).
Today, this socially and economically effective model is spreading within the Group: four further social joint ventures currently being developed together with Eurovia, VINCI Construction France, VINCI Energies and VINCI Autoroutes will thus be launched in coming months.

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