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Opening of the Žilina bypass in Slovakia

16 January 2018 - Events - Slovakia

Created by Eurovia CS and Eurovia SK, the new D3 motorway bypass round Žilina (north of the country), which forms part of the European multimodal corridor, is now open to traffic.

The stretch of road between Strážov and Brodno has thus become part of this motorway, which runs from Hričovské Podhradie (to the west of Žilina, near the Czech border) to the border with Poland and is intended to provide a link between the capital, south-west Slovakia and Poland.

  This project had a number of objectives: to gradually complete the D3 motorway, to improve both national and international transport conditions and to enhance the smooth functioning, speed and safety of road transport. A particular feature is a 1,500 m-long elevated section, the substructure of which rests on 57 columns implanted in the Hričov dam. A dedicated road has therefore been built to reach the reservoir, where it has been necessary to constantly monitor and evaluate the water level.

  The 4-lane, 2.2 km-long Považský Chlmec tunnel is situated just after this elevated section. It was driven simultaneously starting out from six different locations using 35 machines operated by 240 workers working on a round-the-clock basis.

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