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New project on Île Seguin

20 November 2019 - New contracts - France

Développement Boulogne Seguin (DBS), a consortium of developers comprising VINCI Immobilier, Hines and Icade, has signed a promise of sale agreement with the SPL (local public enterprise) Val de Seine Aménagement, the planning authority for the town of Boulogne-Billancourt, relating to 130,000 m2 of construction rights on Île Seguin.

The agreement concerns the implementation of an innovative and sustainable mixed-use project providing 123,500 m2 of office space and 6,500 m2 devoted to commercial and leisure activities. The various buildings will be bordered by the Seine and a 1.5-hectare public park. VINCI immobilier, which holds 38% of the construction rights, will use them to create three buildings overlooking the Seine. The site will ultimately be served by the Grand Paris Express: its Boulogne station, located less than 500 metres away, is currently under construction.
The first works should start in early 2021.

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