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New electrical installations for a Swedish coworking space

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15 May 2023 - New contracts - Sweden

Moving forward with the renovation of the Greenhouse site in Solna, Humlegården Fastigheter AB has brought in Emil Lundgren (VINCI Energies) for the electrical and telecommunications installations, notably of the data and fibre optic network.

Emil Lundgren supplies sustainable installations and reuses existing resources, thus meeting the requirements of the overall project with its emphasis on the circular economy. This future coworking space (28,000 m2) will be a place for working and meeting people, with a focus on sustainability and recycling. It will provide oases of greenery, meeting rooms, a fitness room, a spa and a car park. The aim is for the entire building to win the environmental certification BREEAM In-Use, Very Good*. The works will be completed in summer 2024. * BREEAM In-Use is the international environmental certification scheme of the BRE (Building Research Establishment) for existing buildings. BREEAM In-Use is aimed at reducing the environmental impact of existing buildings.

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