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News update

Maintenance for Santiago metro

Maintenance for Santiago metro

1 February 2017 - New contracts - Chile

In early January 2017, a joint venture headed by ETF (Eurovia) secured the contract for the maintenance, for a period of seven years, of the metro in Santiago de Chile.

Its five existing lines (total length: 103 km) provide 100 stations.

Valued at €35 million, this contract covers preventive and corrective maintenance and ‘special corrective measures’ for the trackbeds of Lines 1, 2 and 5, used by rubber-tyred vehicles, and the tracks of Lines 4 and 4A, used by steel-wheeled trains. It also includes the comprehensive regrinding of the rails of the latter two lines.

This project reinforces the presence in Chile of ETF, which is already, in a joint venture with Colas Rail, working on the design and construction (plus maintenance for 20 years) of two new lines, Lines 3 and 6, which will extend the network by 37 km.

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