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Leonard: five Intrapreneur projects to enter acceleration phase

21 February 2018 - Events - France

Leonard’s acceleration committee, which met in late January 2018, selected eight Intrapreneur projects (being developed by VINCI employees); five of them are preparing to enter the acceleration phase.

The projects presented at this committee meeting had already been supported by the Leonard teams since October 2017 within the framework of the Intrapreneurs programme.

The five projects to be accelerated, full time and for four months, starting in March, are:
  • “WasteMarketplace” (reuse of waste), being developed by Jérôme de Tomasi (VINCI Construction France);
• “Résalliance” (climate resilience), being developed by Karim Selouane (VINCI Construction France);
• “3D-Build” (3D printing), being developed by Alice Blouët and Khalil Doghri (Freyssinet);
• “Réhalib” (augmented reality), being developed by Damien Bahon (VINCI Construction France);
• “Trust’In” (recruitment), being developed by Samir Bengelloun (VINCI Construction Grands Projets).

  The other three projects, which will benefit from made-to-measure support, are:
• “Human Buildings” (communal living), being developed by Caroline Reminy (iTech 3D, VINCI Construction France);
• “SunMind” (consumption of self-produced energy), being developed by Maxime Varin (VINCI Concessions);
• “Projet X” (digitisation of construction), being developed by Pierre Guéhenneux (VINCI Construction France).

N.B.: Participation in Season 3 of the Intrapreneurs programme is open to all VINCI employees – just submit your project!

Join us at leonard.vinci.com

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