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November 2022

VINCI is taking part in the World Impact Summit in Bordeaux

28/11/2022 - News update - France
From 30 November to 1 December VINCI will be presenting its most emblematic climate- positive solutions at a summit in Bordeaux dedicated to this theme: the World Impact Summit.

Commissioning of the Portugal’s first airport solar power plant

28/11/2022 - News update - Portugal
As of this autumn, Faro Airport, managed by ANA (VINCI Airports/ VINCI Concessions), boasts its own solar power plant. With a capacity of 3 MWc, it covers 30% of the airport’s electricity requirements, thus reducing CO2 emissions by more than 1,500 t per year.

Opening of the Portugal’s biggest ultrafast electric charging centre

28/11/2022 - News update - Portugal
In partnership with Portuguese energy company Galp, ANA (VINCI Airports/ VINCI Concessions) has installed an ultrafast electric charging centre at Lisbon Airport.

VINCI takes part in the COP27 global climate summit

21/11/2022 - News update - Egypt
The 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) took place in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh from 6 to 18 November. Represented by Environment Director Isabelle Spiegel, VINCI presented its climate commitments and initiatives over a three-day period.

Underground storage for green hydrogen near Berlin

21/11/2022 - News update - Germany
German energy service provider EWE is creating an underground hydrogen storage facility in a cavern near Berlin.

Speeding up the recycling of electronic waste

21/11/2022 - News update - Peru
Lima Expresa (VINCI Highways/ VINCI Concessions) has just finished collecting six tonnes of electronic waste from obsolete equipment such as surveillance cameras, lighting, computers and printers.

Pilot project to test road surface in a tunnel

21/11/2022 - News update - Greece
On the Olympia Odos motorway (VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions), in the Theseus tunnel in the Athens direction, a pilot project is to test the effectiveness of a lightcoloured road surface as regards improving visibility and limiting energy consumption, notably by reducing the need for lighting.

An exoskeleton for jobs in the construction sector

14/11/2022 - News update - Canada
The Québec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association’s prize for health and safety at work was awarded this year to Eurovia Québec (VINCI Construction), in recognition of its collaboration with the Biolift company on the design and development of an exoskeleton particularly adapted to jobs in construction.

Introduction of a mobile charging station in the south-east of France

14/11/2022 - News update - France
In order to further improve its customer service, this summer, at the Saint-Rambert d’Albon-Est service station (south-east France) on the A7 motorway, VINCI Autoroutes trialled a back-up mobile charging station which can be rapidly assembled and disassembled.

Development of the low caarbon hydrogen programme

14/11/2022 - News update - Japan
In line with its environmental action plan, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) has signed a new memorandum of understanding with Airbus, for a study on the use of hydrogen at the Kansai International, Osaka, Itami and Kobe Airports.

First Swiss ice stadium to have latest mobile phone technology

07/11/2022 - News update - Switzerland
Axians (VINCI Energies) has equipped the Valascia ice stadium in Quinto with a mobile phone infrastructure incorporating all the latest technology, so that it can benefit from a faster network with stable connections.

In Cameroon, Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) has completed the road between Olama and Bingambo

07/11/2022 - News update - Cameroon
The work involved the development of 106 km of road, the construction of two engineering structures with spans of 15 m and 24 m, and 277 reinforced concrete-framed culverts, and the creation of 81 km of rural tracks and 13 km of urban roadways.

Opening of a new carpool car park in Béziers

07/11/2022 - News update - France
VINCI Autoroutes inaugurated the new carpool car park in Béziers Ouest in July, in the presence of, among others, Kléber Mesquida, President of the council of the Hérault department.

Biocalcis® injections to consolidate a bridge in Orléans

02/11/2022 - News update - France
Soletanche Bachy France (VINCI Construction) completed the Biocalcis® test injections and the first phase of the definitive consolidation works on the René-Thinat bridge in Orléans (central France) in July.

Implementation of the first urban public transport project in Mayotte

02/11/2022 - News update - France
Mamoudzou, the island’s capital, suffers from frequent traffic jams in the northsouth direction. The urban community of Dembeni-Mamoudzou (Cadema) has decided to introduce a Caribus bus service (operating an 8.6 km route in a first phase, extending to a total of 20.6 km by 2026), which will reduce traffic congestion and improve both the mobility of many residents and the quality of the city’s air.

October 2022

How to create value on land around motorways?

13/10/2022 - News update - France
The areas skirting highways and motorways once served a purpose, but many of them have since fallen into neglect. Now, however, they can be used to spur sustainable development in communities – to produce renewable energy or grow organic produce, say. Here’s more about motorway-side land and its new life.

Bridge safety, the “project of the century”

06/10/2022 - News update - France
We often think of bridges as indestructible concrete structures that are firmly rooted to the ground for eternity; however, they can be heavily affected by environmental conditions and increased traffic flows, alongside other factors. We must therefore step up how they are managed. Companies and public stakeholders collaborate to carry out recording and monitoring, as well as regular upkeep and repair work. The aim is to preserve these structures, which are essential to regional mobility, and the safety of the people who use them.

Reducing digital carbon footprints in offices – The case of l’archipel, VINCI’s new head office

04/10/2022 - News update - France
74% of employees want their company to reduce its digital carbon impact in order to preserve the environment. VINCI made a number of decisions on the drawing board for its new headquarters – from eco-designing information systems to using low-power electronics and on to engineering smart buildings and disseminating best practices – to lastingly reduce its offices’ digital carbon footprint.

September 2022

Urban Recycling im Departement Hauts-de-Seine

29/09/2022 - News update - France

Employees bringing corporate environmental commitments to life

22/09/2022 - News update - France
All stakeholders are key to supporting companies’ environmental strategies – especially employees, who are playing an active role in the environmental transition. In France, 68% want to take environmental training as part of their work. This goes beyond simply raising awareness of daily environmentally friendly behaviours that they can adopt; rather, they want to learn how to truly harness their motivation and expertise to progress the environmental transition at their companies.

Salvador Bahia Airport wins ACA level 3 accreditation The Salvador Bahia Airport platform

20/09/2022 - News update - Brazil
(VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) is the first in Brazil to win level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA), awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI) in recognition of the efforts made to reduce its carbon emissions.

Repair works on a hydroelectric plant in Laos

09/09/2022 - News update - Laos
Nam Theun 2 Power Company-NTPC has entrusted the teams at Freyssinet (VINCI Construction) with repairing a concrete siphon at a hydroelectric plant in Laos.

Works on one of Europe’s biggest biofuels facilities

09/09/2022 - News update - The Netherlands
Shell Refinery Pernis in Rotterdam (Netherlands) is going to build a new built low-carbon biofuels production facility which will produce renewable naphtha, diesel, aviation fuel.

August 2022

Resilience award for Kansai Airports

10/08/2022 - News update - Japan
Kansai Airports (VINCI Airports/ VINCI Concessions) has been selected to receive the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers 2021, for its plan to improve Kansai International Airport’s resilience in the face of natural catastrophes.

A world first: VINCI Construction completed the first tunnel in France to be created exclusively using pipes made of Exegy® ultra-low-carbon concrete

10/08/2022 - News update - France
The consortium composed of Bessac (leader), Soletanche Bachy Fondations Spéciales (both VINCI Construction) and Setec Hydratec completed the construction of an entire tunnel for the discharge of treated water using pipes made of Exegy® ultra-low-carbon concrete.

The biggest ultrafast charging centre in Portugal inaugurated at Lisbon airport

10/08/2022 - News update - Portugal
In partnership with Galp Energia, ANA (VINCI Airports) inaugurated an ultrafast electric charging centre at Lisbon airport on Tuesday 12 July.

July 2022

Offshore wind power: The global situation

28/07/2022 - News update
Larger and with stronger wind resources than their land-based cousins, offshore wind turbines are a promising source of renewable energy. Most scenarios consider offshore wind an essential component in our future energy mix. However, even though the market is booming worldwide, it has not deployed at the same speed around the world. Acceptability, efficiency, cost of installations and materials... what are the barriers, and how can they be removed?

June 2022

Recycled aggregates: the circular economy supplying the construction sector

20/06/2022 - News update - France
Aggregates, those tiny fragments of rock used in the majority of construction materials, are the second most widely consumed resource in the world after water! The production and use of recycled rather than virgin aggregates address two major challenges: conserving natural resources and recovering construction waste.

Nine airports awarded level 4 ACA environmental accreditation

09/06/2022 - News update - Portugal
On 11 May, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) was awarded level 4 Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) for nine of its Portuguese airports: Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Horta, Flores, Madeira and Porto Santo.

The École des Métiers de l’Autoroutes (EMA) opens in central France

09/06/2022 - News update - France
VINCI Autoroutes opened a training centre for motorway workers, which will help it meet its recruitment requirements, in Brive on 4 April last.

Cebu bridge inaugurated in the Philippines

09/06/2022 - News update - Philippines
Freyssinet Grands Projets and Freyssinet International Manila (VINCI Construction) were involved in the construction of the Philippines’ longest bridge (650 metres including a 390 metre central span).

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Via Salis PPP in the Czech Republic

09/06/2022 - News update - Czech Republic
Martin Kupka, the Czech Republic’s Minister of Transport, and Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI Concessions, visited the D4 Via Salis motorway construction site for an update on progress, one year after the foundation stone was laid.

How to reduce airports’ carbon footprint

02/06/2022 - News update
To decarbonise its operations and meet the Paris Agreement's objective of containing global warming, the airport of the future will have to leverage everything at its disposal. From more sustainable building materials to hydrogen-powered aircraft: discover the solutions that are already helping to reduce the carbon footprint of airports to achieve the goal of “zero net carbon dioxide emissions” by 2050.

Installation of the first Exegy® ultra-low-carbon segment on the Grand Paris Express worksite

02/06/2022 - News update - France
Line 18 of the Grand Paris Express has received the first segment made of Exegy® ultra-low-carbon concrete, VINCI Construction's low-carbon concrete range.

Rail Baltica project begins construction

02/06/2022 - News update - Lithuania
The end of April marked the start of construction of the Rail Baltica rail infrastructure between Kaunas (Lithuania) and Latvia.

May 2022

Final works at the Abdelmoumen PSP

25/05/2022 - News update - Morocco
The Abdelmoumen pumped storage power plant (PSP), in the south-west of the country, makes it possible to store electrical energy in the form of water.

Kansai Airport launches a hydrogen shuttle bus service

24/05/2022 - News update - Japan
As announced by Kansai Airports (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) and Nankai Bus, in March 2022 a hydrogen shuttle bus service was introduced at Kansai International Airport.

End of the watertightness restoration work of the Emborrel bank on the Canal du Midi

19/05/2022 - News update - France
Following the appearance of infiltration on the bank by the Emborrel lock in Avignonet-Lauragais (southwest France), Voies navigables de France (VNF) launched a call for possible solutions to these erosion problems.

Works begin on the Les Fabriks de Mai residential programme

19/05/2022 - News update - France
In Clermont-Ferrand, demolition of a 1960s Michelin warehouse, which was later converted into a storage facility for a local media outlet, will pave the way for VINCI Immobilier to build a new residential property complex.

Using river transport to limit the carbon footprint of Tideway East

13/05/2022 - News update - United Kingdom
In London, VINCI Construction Grands Projets (leader), Bachy Soletanche (VINCI Construction) and Costain are currently building two sections – 5.5 and 4.6 km in length – of the East works package of the Thames Tideway drainage tunnel project.

Construction of a low-carbon building in Amsterdam

13/05/2022 - News update - The Netherlands
Cordeel Nederland has awarded Bosman Projects (VINCI Energies) a project on Karspeldreef, in Amsterdam.

April 2022

The environmental challenges in construction, mobility and energy, and how startups are blazing new trails to tackle them

12/04/2022 - News update - France
Leonard, VINCI’s innovation and foresight platform, is tasked with identifying trends and imagining the future of cities and regions. Through its forward-looking research, studies and project and startup incubators, Leonard is teaming up to find the answers for the world of tomorrow. Here are the ideas that are taking construction, mobility and energy to the next stage and addressing environmental issues.

March 2022

Santiago airport in Chile - Looking back at the creation of a global air transport hub

23/03/2022 - News update - Chile
The new Santiago International Airport in Chile, recently inaugurated, is the result of a vast modernisation programme launched by VINCI Airports on award of the concession. We look back at this extraordinary five-year project that illustrates the effectiveness of the Group’s integrated model.

The top 7 unusual places for renewable energy plants

14/03/2022 - News update - France
What are the options for building renewable infrastructure at a time when usable land is becoming scarce and the systems to harness energy from the sun and wind still take up considerable amounts of space? Here are a few attempts at solving the problem in places where you might not expect to see them.

Digital traceability – guaranteeing transparency for consumers

04/03/2022 - News update - France
Consumers regularly look out for information about the origin of the products they buy. To respond to this increasing demand for transparency, which also concerns the environmental and social impact of production, manufacturers and producers supported by teams from VINCI are starting to focus on digital traceability. This article considers how it can be put in place.

February 2022

How do we build the city of the future? L’archipel, VINCI’s new head office, is one example

15/02/2022 - News update - France
Building the city of the future involves understanding the challenges facing the environment and society, today and tomorrow. Building the city above the city is one way of curbing urban sprawl and opening the door to circular, positive urbanisation that benefits city dwellers and future generations. One example of this is l’archipel, which is VINCI’s new head office – and a new take on nesting companies in cities.

January 2022

Decarbonising the motorway: what solutions?

12/01/2022 - News update - France
Road transport is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases.
Motorway travel alone accounts for 6% of French emissions. And yet, we cannot remove cars from the equation when we know that 75% of French people declared in 2021 that they use them for their everyday travel (1). Over and above replacement solutions, such as bicycles for short trips, we must roll out actions to reduce the carbon footprint of road usage. Numerous solutions exist or are being put in place. A quick look at them.