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Carrières Unies de Porphyre aims to ultimately use 100% of the power produced by the panels for its own needs, thus covering up to 60% of its annual consumption.

Inauguration of the biggest photovoltaic installation in Wallonia

13 September 2018 - Events - Belgium

Inaugurated in June 2018 at Carrières Unies de Porphyre (Eurovia) and brought into service in early May, the 17,312 photovoltaic panels installed on a surface area of over 7.3 hectares have already produced some 1.8 million kWh.

The quarry installations will consume 70% of the photovoltaic production, i.e. 40% of their annual electricity requirement. The site – soon to feature an electricity storage unit using industrial batteries – will thus become the biggest industrial electricity storage unit in Wallonia.

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