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News update

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Inauguration of an urban cable car in the Greater Paris region

20 June 2019 - Events - France

VINCI Construction Terrassement took part in the project to install urban cable cars at the Bac d’Asnières worksite, which were inaugurated on Monday 17 June.

Implemented by the developer Citallios, the equipment — used in France for the first time— removes rubble from the worksite in Clichy, where an office building is being built. The rubble is transported by cable car to barges waiting on the river Seine near Asnières. The system limits road traffic and reduces noise and air pollution, protecting local residents’ well-being and safety.

VINCI Construction Terrassement is working in a consortium with Mecamont Hydro to carry out the asbestos removal and deconstruction of existing buildings, soil remediation and earthworks at this site.

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