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Freyssinet cables for the new Kosciuszko Bridge in New York

20 June 2017 - Projects update and handover - United States of America

In New York, Freyssinet (VINCI Construction) designed and supplied the stay cable system and provided assistance during the installation of the cables of the new bridge on the expressway connecting the Queens and Brooklyn neighbourhoods, which has just been inaugurated.

The cables are equipped with fire and explosion protection systems which will keep the bridge secure in the event of fire or an explosion. This new bridge replaces the old Kosciuszko Bridge (known as the "K Bridge”), whose steel structure was too damaged to be repaired.

Freyssinet is also working on the new Goethals Bridge: connecting the north-west coast of Staten Island to the State of New Jersey, it, too, will replace an old bridge, and is scheduled to open in a few months’ time. The presence of these cables in the New York landscape is something entirely new for a city accustomed to big suspension and steel bridges.

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