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News update

Foundation works for the Alto tower

Foundation works for the Alto tower

1 June 2017 - New contracts - France

Having contributed to the design and implementation planning for the foundations and infrastructure of the future Alto tower in La Défense, by Paris, the teams at the France Nord office of Soletanche Bachy France (VINCI Construction) have been appointed to supply the foundation works, with the tower to be erected by Bouygues Bâtiment Île-de-France.

The project will involve creating, on an extremely confined site, 4,800 cu. metres of diaphragm walls and barrettes injected with concrete at the base.

The works, lasting three months, will include a number of unusual operations: the extraction of several piles from the neighbouring Les Saisons building, the cutting of 22 tie rods belonging to the First tower, unitary and global injections (IGU) at the base of all the foundations and compensation injections beneath the generator of the First tower throughout the entire construction phase.

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