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Extension of Highway 407 East

27 May 2019 - Projects update and handover - Canada

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd (RECo Canada), a VINCI Construction subsidiary, is participating in phase 2 of the project to extend Highway 407 East, in the province of Ontario, i.e. some 22,000 sq. metres of walls distributed across 36 structures.

The TerraClass® (concrete facing) and TerraTrel® (wire mesh facing) systems are being used, together with galvanized steel soil reinforcing strips. This is one of the biggest highway construction projects ever undertaken in this province and will facilitate east-west traffic across central Ontario.

The entire Highway 407 extension, a project to which the Reinforced Earth Company Ltd has been contributing its expertise in the design and supply of mechanically stabiliszed earth walls since 2016, will be open to traffic by the end of 2019.

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