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Extending the metro in Santiago

20 September 2018 - New contracts - Chile

On 25 July 2018, the OFC joint venture, which includes ETF (Eurovia) and Colas Rail, won the contract for the extension of Line 2 and the creation of a new depot.

The project involves supplying and assembling the equivalent of 13 km of single track, for rubber-tyred trains. The first 3 kilometres and 14 switches and crossings will be created in 2019 in the new Vespucio Norte depot, and the other 10 km in 2021 as part of a 5 km-long southern extension of Line 2 (subject to government approval).

In charge of the maintenance of the entire network (140 km of track), the joint venture will in addition, in 2020, build the 4 km extension to the future Line 3.

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