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Ecological continuity on the A89

Ecological continuity on the A89

1 March 2017 - Sustainable development - France

On the A89, in the Corrèze department, January 2017 saw VINCI Autoroutes teams start building the La Pologne wildlife crossing.

This 53 m-long structure will enable the area’s ecological continuity to be restored by facilitating a safe crossing for, notably, the deer, foxes and squirrels on either side of the motorway. Various grasses, local bushes and trees attractive to wildlife will be planted there.

This wildlife crossing forms part of a new generation of structures emerging from the advance of knowledge and techniques in the field of ecological engineering that make it possible to re-create a natural environment favourable to fauna. And indeed, four wildlife crossings have been under construction in south-east France since the second half of 2016, over the A8 at Pourcieux, Vidauban and Les Adrets and over the A52 at Fuveau.

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