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District heating in the Le Mans metropolis

1 February 2018 - Projects update and handover - France

Eurovia Atlantique Le Mans, in a joint venture with GNT, is working on the project to deploy the Syner’gie district heating network in the Le Mans metropolitan area.

In the first phase of the works, a district heating pipe (7.6 km) will be laid between the waste-to-energy facility and the banks of the River Huisne. The teams are involved in earthworks and civil engineering works – drilling, laying the pipes and asphalting following the closing of the trenches.

Thanks to the incineration of the waste and the extraction and heating of water from the river, the new pipes will enable hot water to be supplied to homes and infrastructure in the surrounding area. This operation forms part of the Le Mans area’s Climate and Energy Plan, the aim being for renewable energy to provide 80% of the network’s energy consumption, and for hot water to be supplied to over 17,000 homes by 2020.

Completion of the works is scheduled for late March 2018.

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